Small agricultural excavator walking device what kinds
Date: 2023-06-17
The walking device of small agricultural excavator can be divided into track type and tyre type according to its structure.
In a crawler walking device, "a wheel" (i.e., drive wheel, guide wheel, roller, roller, track), the tensioning device, buffer spring, walking mechanism, and a walking frame or similar. When the excavator is turned by a walking motor provided by two hydraulic pumps mounted in two tracks respectively (special control valves are used when the oil pump is used for fuel supply) the excavator is in place and in place.
In crawler walking devices, the driving force is larger (typically, the driving force per track can reach 35% to 45% of the weight of the machine) and has less connection pressure (40 to 150 kpa). Therefore, the closed road has good stability, high climbing ability (generally 50% to 80%, maximum 100%), small turning radius, and good elasticity. For hydraulic drilling, a crawler walker is usually used. However, crawler walking devices have high manufacturing costs, low operating speeds, high power consumption during operation and steering, and rapid wear of components. Therefore, excavators need to use other transport vehicles for long-distance operations.
Small farm excavators must stay away from "pits"
During the working day, we saw that many small agricultural excavators could operate equipment on the construction site and were skilled. But excavator engineers also carefully found that some small operators operating the equipment did not have any special problems. Therefore, we must remind everyone that small problems are not problems and should not be ignored. So what is the most overlooked problem with small farm excavators?
1. The car stopped suddenly
In this way, the safety valve of the brake hydraulic system is easy to block, and the rotating support is fragile.
Even if the excavator tilts too much, it won't work.
Mini agricultural excavator
In this way, without providing hydraulic pressure, sometimes it won't be a serious problem, but in the long run it will lead to high temperatures.
3. Stop working when you have finished. Whether the ground is flat or not, the excavator will stop.
4. Turn on the air conditioner, don't close the Windows, don't close the door
When the window is opened, it is impossible to reduce the temperature of the cab, there is no cold pump jump, it cannot jump for a long time, the cold pump fails, on the other hand, dust, due to the dust of the expansion valve, the blockage of the expansion valve.
5. The excavator works directly without preheating
No water, water has reached the oil-water separator, the oil pump is not there, the oil pump is not damaged.
6. When the excavator stops, it disappears.
Because the temperature of the engine is too high, the water inside the engine cannot circulate in the fuel tank, especially in the summer.