Duanding mini excavator is suitable for orchard agricultural machinery
Date: 2023-06-19
Did you know that mini diggers can actually be used in orchards?
Shovels smaller than 20 tons are also known as mini excavators. What models are included?
Typically, the models include 10,12,13,15,18, and 20. Each model is different in size and composition. Of course, the price is different. Various models can be selected according to various working conditions. Each type of micro shovel is also divided into different configurations. For example, Model 15 has mechanical lever operation, but this is a slightly more expensive, slightly more expensive hydraulic pilot valve. Small excavators smaller than 20 tons are the most widely used by the general population. Type 10-18 can be used for small-scale work such as soil loosening, fertilization, tree planting,
backfilling, etc. Also, if the orchard is very large, some customers will use the 22-30 model.
Small excavators are suitable for a variety of working environments, rather than manual working environments. Main users, ditches, landscaping, cable lines, trees planted on top of mountains, greenhouses for vegetables, improved agricultural land, basements, concrete, are other small Spaces. The machine adopts domestic engine, mechanical operation, ergonomic optimization, and unique joystick optimization to make the driver's operation more convenient and comfortable.
Small excavators can be used to dig greenhouses and ditches. This is a small excavator that can be used indoors. Saving labor and space is a rare advantage. It is widely used in the water business. Low cost purchase and high survival rate is everyone's evaluation. Not surprisingly, microshovels are also being used to build power projects. Filling the rod was previously a difficult task, as one had to use manual drilling and it was inefficient. Now everyone is using small excavators, nearly ten times faster than before. The other is called a multi-purpose mini excavator: not only does it have a bucket, it can also damage the ground and be equipped with a crushing hammer to tear down the house. Adding an auger can be a great aid in gardening tree holes and planting. Compared with ordinary excavators, micro drilling machines are small in size, easy to operate, and choose the built environment that many people like.